service company providing branded solutions to help entertainment spaces reduce their negative impact on the environment.
simplifying the green waste feeding process for urban chicken owners.

the green feeder system

sustainable ecosystem

custom branded food & beverage kiosks connected to an app to eliminate waste and incentivize interaction through competitive play.

reward through collective play.

good deeds give you more chances to play for your team through offset tokens. through the use of reusable plate and drinkware, guests are encouraged to return after use in order to earn tokens to play. 

return your cup: 1 token 
re-use your cup: 2 tokens


leveraging team affinity for good.

encouraging existing fan loyalty in entertainment settings (theme parks, sports, concerts) to create friendly competition moments & sustainable practice. see your team falling behind? use your tokens at any game booth for a chance to bring them back in the lead!

*potential partnerships for example purposes only - not sponsored or affiliated with any of the above brands


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