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enable nature to fix itself.
eliminating urban water pollution the natural way 


an interactive parklet that utilizes natural filtration processes to purify urban runoff before it enters storm drains that lead to the ocean.


“80% of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land.” 
national oceanic and atmospheric administration
rain & urban runoff capture trash, chemicals, & oils from our streets & carries them straight to the ocean.

how does flo-let work?

informed by natural ecosystems.

traveled to Costa Rica (one of the most biodiverse regions of our planet) to research natural ecosystems & biomimicry with a trans-disciplinary team of designers. immersed in the beauty of the rainforest, we were inspired by the multiple processes of water filtration found in nature.


bringing people into the process.

transparent water filtration processes increase public awareness while creating a functional space for people in a busy urban setting.

the beauty of the system is that it requires human involvement in order to function, furthering the awareness campaign. multiple interactive elements engage curiosity from pedestrians & bring playful breaks to the everyday routine.

engaging proactivity.

nutrient-rich eggs & fertilizer


flo-let’s lighting is selectively placed to highlight the filtration systems no matter the time of day. when a viewer interacts with the touch points the lighting illuminates & leads the eye to the processes that are taking place.

let's partner with nature to combat urban water pollution.

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