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create biogas from our waste.
compact living made easy.



cooperative biodigestion system 
the biostation is a concept system to help co-living communities eliminate waste and produce their own energy.


landfills are rising at an alarming pace. we are throwing out potential energy on a daily basis and need to start getting creative with it instead.

biogas power.

biogas is a renewable energy source produced by the digestive fermentation of organic waste products. biogas can take all types of waste and is less tricky than compost to chemically balance. convenient refillable tanks are used as daily cooking fuel source. 

nutrient-rich fertilizer.

the second bi-product of the systems is a nutrient rich fertilizing liquid ideal for watering hydroponic gardens.

how does it work?

the system takes all organic waste matter (leftover 
or spoiled fruits/veggies, meat, dairy, paper matter, pasta/rice water, yard trimmings, pet feces, etc.) 
and combines it with a digestive bacteria to break down and produce biogas.

biostation in action.

this is a story of hank.

hank is a busy man that can no longer afford utility prices and is frustrated with the amount of trash he generates. one day hank finds an add for a new efficient communal living building right down the street and decides to make the move.

a community member sam welcomes hank to the building and shows him their innovative energy systems. the biostation can take all waste (even animal feces, dairy and meat!) and transform it into cooking fuel and natural fertilizer.

the foot pedal mechanism combines the disposal and shoving actions to create an easy and clean routine. the bacteria brothers take it from there by liquefying, acidifying, and producing a flammable methane gas.

sam waters their communal hydroponic system with the fertilizing slurry & prepares a batch of tea for hank using the biogas tank. hank is excited to start his future of a utility and trash free life.

together we can produce energy from our waste.

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