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we can help counteract trauma-related 
behavioral problems with portable therapy.
compact living made easy.



traveling emotional therapy for displaced foster children.


adopted children have higher rates of behavioral problems contributing to the high percentage of disrupted adoptions in the u.s. (almost 25%).
attachment traumas, the root of these behavioral problems, develop when a foster child is removed from their home but often go misdiagnosed.


combine the three most effective therapeutic practices for eliminating attachment trauma into a single device that can travel with the child as they jump from home to home. 

bilateral stimulation?

“right to left eye movements or tactile stimulation repeatedly activate the opposite sides of the brain releasing emotional experiences that are trapped in the nervous system.” carol boulware mft, ph.d

fill in the story.

juvo is an lcd drawing prompt surface that allows kids to visualize their emotions and conquer them through forced bilateral movements. 

let’s put an end to the traumatic side effects of our foster care system.

color psychology.

color options change with each bilateral movement. each hue is strategically picked to induce therapeutic environments and reduce anxiety. 

manual mechanisms.

to keep juvo low-tech and low-cost, all of the mechanisms have been created to function manually. capitalizing on the bilateral movements, the internal gear drive charges the generator to power the leds and changes the color with each movement.


no batteries or charging needed due to manual charging. made from recycled hdpe plastic (milk jug containers).

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