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a chicken can eat close to 100 lbs of green waste every year which prevents organic matter from polluting landfills.

green feeder system

simplifying the green waste feeding process for urban chicken owners.
a trash-side canister system with interchangeable transport cages that effortlessly expand to expose & contain food scraps in coops. 


organic waste is the second highest component of u.s. landfills adding methane to our atmosphere.
don’t worry, chickens are excellent biorecyclers.
nutrient-rich eggs & fertilizer
human food
chicken food
green waste
green waste

increased utilization.

people are dissuaded from collecting & distributing all green waste as feed because of the hassle, mess, & contamination that attracts unwanted pests. the green feeder system keeps food off of the ground & provides easy cleaning & transport.

simplified process.

the trash-side canister serves as a constant reminder to collect green waste & the transport cages provide clean & easy transportation to the coop. the threaded cap lives in the coop at all times where it expands and locks the feeder as it screws on. 

use of cycles.

creating a more holistic experience between chickens & their owners in order to increase urban use of chickens as biorecyclers & integrate nature into the city. 

let's partner with chickens to combat our methane crisis.

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